G5 Four Season Cover
G5 Four Season Cover
G5 Four Season Cover
G5 Four Season Cover

G5 Four Season Cover

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Protect your baby from windy weather conditions. Esoecially cold summer nights will be with 4 Season Cover the best protector for your child. 4 Season Cover is designed to perfectly fit the Orbit Baby Stroller Seat, and offers front ventilation and a clear view of your little one.

Secure and safe, Orbit Baby Stroller Seat 4 Season Cover was specifically designed for use with the Orbit Baby Travel System, offering smooth travels, especially in bad windy weather conditions.

Perks for Babies

  • Offers protection from inclement weather.
  • 100% PVC-free.
  • Front ventilation windows.
  • Also provides protection from insects.

Perks for Parents

  • Easy to attach securely and remove.
  • Clear view window design ensures little ones are visible
  • Soft carrier handles or side handles of seats are accessible when 4 Season Cover is in use.
Compact to store when not in use.
1 Four Season Cover.

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