You Have High Expectations for Us, and We Do, Too

Tried & Tested

We strive to use materials that are sourced to be safe and non-toxic. And all of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that their quality, safety, and durability exceeds industry standards. We have invested in our technology and materials, and are continually re-evaluating as we strive for exceptional performance. We are pleased to share that we’ve passed the following tests and requirements with flying colors.

Orbit Baby® Compliance Declaration

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Below is a list of the most important safety standards and regulations applicable to the products, and that the products are regularly tested to. Orbit Baby hereby declares that our G5 series products meet all applicable and relevant parts of below listed standards and regulations in the Europe.

Specifically safety standards and regulations :

G5 Stroller + Bassinet

• EN 1888-2:2018 Child Care Articles. Wheeled Child Conveyances. Pushchairs For Children Above 15 Kg Up To 22 Kg

G5 Bassinet

• EN 1466:2014 Child care articles - Carry cots and stands - Safety requirements and test methods

Common safety standards and regulations

• EN71-2 Safety of toys - Part 2: Flammability

• EN 71-3 Safety of Toys - Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements(19E)

• Azo Dyes - Mandatory (level 1)• EN1811 Nickel Release (Entry 27 of REACH Annex XVII )(NO Coate,Nickel plated)-

• EN12472 Nickel Release (Entry 27 of REACH Annex XVII)-(with non-Ni coating)• REACH Annex XVII Entry 63 Lead (Pb) content


• Total Cadmium Content (Entry 23 of REACH Annex XVII)


What is Oeko-Tex® Certification?


Pioneered for Safety

Saved my baby! 


I’m so excited that Orbit Baby’s came back into production! I just have to give you guys praise...I have the G3 and was in a car accident with my baby to where the oncoming car hit the side where my baby was sitting and your car seat saved her life! The base and seat itself didn’t move and kept her from any was like she was safely tucked in an egg. I can’t explain how truly grateful I am to have your car seat. You can most definitely count on me picking up the G5 for our next baby....

Shari M.